Lubna S. Khan Poems

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(27) A Journey Called 1st M.B.B.S

When I landed here,
So proud, happy and meek.
I just didn't know then
What was waiting for me!

(26) The Night He Visited Me...

Far from the stars
Came a ray of light.
It lit up your face
And I saw you all night!

(01) A Farewell To My School

It’s been twelve years in this school
And memories reign in my heart.
It’s now that I feel you, miss you,
When we are all about to part.

(15) 7/11: Terrorism Vs Mumbai

It was Tuesday, everything fine,
And Mumbai was rushing home.
Eager and excited, waiting,
To reach their home sweet home.

(11) Integrity Shall Make Me Immortal

I want to be the sun,
A sun that shall never fade.
And when the night turns on
Through the stars I shall be immortal made.

(04) The Test, The Result!

The test of 'friendship forever'
Comes not when you are together,
It comes when you are alone,
And over your hardtimes you moan.

Missing You, Dad!

We love you so much, Dad,
Your absence kills me, stabs me.
We miss you continuously,
Come back, come back to me.

(24) Studies- Inevitable And Undone

Each day I wake up late at dawn,
Doze and sway and stretch and yawn
And before in morning I can pray,
'Here we are', my dumb books say!


Main woh suraj banna chahti hoon
Jo kabhi dhal sakta nahin.
Aur jab raat ho jaaye,
To taaron mein main bikhar jaoongi.

(07) Loyalty

(written in Marathi language)

Man bharuni aale majhe kaal,
Kutryachi dashaa jhaaleli faar.

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