(01) A Farewell To My School Poem by Lubna S. Khan

(01) A Farewell To My School

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It’s been twelve years in this school
And memories reign in my heart.
It’s now that I feel you, miss you,
When we are all about to part.

'Old order changeth yielding
Forth to new', he said.
To my dear IX Std. do something better,
Better than what we had.

To sing of you my friends and teachers,
Of the relationship we share,
Words will merely describe them,
Thoughts of love and care.

To you my teachers I express thanks,
Your teachings were not mere words.
They beautified and strengthened me
And helped me lead these sheep in herds.

And to you my friends, my dearest friends,
I wanna say nothing.
It’s only by words of love and silence,
That I speak to you and you to me.

And I must thank all my peons
Who worked behind the scene.
They swept my class and dirtied themselves,
And yet remained unseen.

We are leaving you my teachers
And you will go on teaching,
And when you’ll not be there,
Through us your lives will go on existing.

By and by this life will go on
And I’ll cherish these moments shared with you.
But I don’t want these moments at all,
For in my life, friends! I want you.

Many new flowers will bloom in life
And many more stars will shine.
But without you my dearest ones
It’ll be hard to make those stars and flowers all mine.

To live to the expectations of you, my teachers,
And friends your wishes, I’ll try.
Though amidst the chaos of my life
In silence my heart will cry.

Thank you my teachers and good luck my friends
As we all bid each other a farewell.
I hope in these twelve years of mine
I have fared well.

Preeti - is here! 08 May 2006

I felt the same way when i left school! Preeti

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Donny S 09 May 2006

Same Preeti! This is a great poem! Keep up the good work! Dona

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 12 May 2014

Great poem, this is very beautiful

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Saadat Tahir 03 May 2009

hi LSK what an inspiring lil sweel piece steeped in nostagia n the ensuing dawn of a not so innocent life very well written..at your tender age...u do very well indeed...keep at it cheers

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rajagopal haran 10 November 2007

this poem takes me to my school and i started reliving; great poem Lubna

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John Tiong Chunghoo 12 May 2006

very descriptive. you must have so much love for your teachers and school.

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Mohammad Ilyas 09 May 2006

Memoirs well described Miss and also reveals your faithfulness.

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