(074) Love That Brown Sugar Poem by Melvina Germain

(074) Love That Brown Sugar

Rating: 3.3

Well, well what do we have here, hmmm
Rather interesting looking specimen of a man.
I wonder what he’s doing later
Shall I approach him, or make him approach me.
Oh dear, there we go, who is she?
Ahh could it be the wife, yep that’s who it is alright.
Intriguing though isn’t it, would love a taste you know.
maybe she and I could make a deal
I’ll pay her to let me take him out for a meal, if you
know what I mean. Ahhh huh you nasty girl you
get rid of those thoughts and move on.
Oh my, now look over there, did he just purposely
bend down to pick up something for the lady at
the bar. Hmmm look at that, girrrrl you wouldn’t
know what to do with that anymore, so close your
eyes. Oh! ! ! Brown sugar, come to me baby, come
to mama, uh huh baby whew that brown sugar is
lookinnnnng good. The elevator, they’re going to take
the elevator, well just wait for me baby.
I’m getting closer, standing quietly eyeballing one
of my brown babies. He’s having problems dealing
with my boldness. On we go, everyone standing
starring up at the ceiling, what the heck is up there
anyway. Second stop another brown sugar walks on
I couldn’t contain myself. I starred directly into his
eyes and could feel the eyes of the other gentleman
looking at me. I quickly turned to him and he shyly
looked away. I started to laugh out loud, other
bystanders didn’t know what to do, my mouth just
doesn’t know when to be quiet. I said without
thinking. Wow! there’s just too much good looking
brown sugar around here. Well you could hear a pin
dropp and then I started to laugh, loud and nasty like.
I knew I made them very nervous, why everyone
wanted to get off that elevator except me. I think I
was on a sweet binge LOLOL. Finally they reached
their floor, both got off together, it turns out they
knew each other and one of lovelies looked at me
and said thankyou as he hurried off the elevator. I
looked at the Korean gentleman standing in the corner
and starred at him. He had a love affair going on with
the ceiling. I just wonder what is up there. The
handsom blonde gentleman looked directly at me
with a nice warm smile. Nice day I said isn’t it, he
laughed and nodded and said very nice indeed. Can
I buy you a coffee he asked, with that, the Korean gentleman
cracked a smile and I responded, well maybe another
time I’m really hoping to find some sweets tonight.
He laughed and laughed told me his name and I gave
him mine. How about breakfast he asked, oh well
yes that would be nice, I said. I’ll see you downstairs
shall we say 10 ish. OK responded my blonde beauty.
Oh I really must stop this type of behaviour or one day
I will find myself in a pickle or, oh my gosh what a
thought. LOLOLOLOL.

Thufail Ahmed 15 July 2007

Well, What am I to say here. Let me think......hmmmmmmm well......

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Elysabeth Faslund 12 July 2007

Uh, Melvina? You, uh, weren't looking. You were a Tigress PROWLING, with all claws painted red and spread for that loving kill! ! Scarlett, pick the place for lunch, and Melvina, pick the time. I'll call a few 'friends' and the party of the current year begins! This is a funny, funny work of pure rascal status. Ain't it FUN! ! Great! ! xxElysabeth

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Geoff Warden 11 July 2007

Well I only stopped for a few reads and I am truly glad this was one.... very nicly done....

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Scarlett Treat 11 July 2007

You ARE a naughty girl...but then again, read LET'S DO LUNCH! ! And does the blond qualify as sweet white sugar, not raw and rough like brown....but refined to a white powder? Tell all girl....are you having breakfast? ? ?

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 11 July 2007

Well melvina, now we know you have a sweet tooth... Naughty girl...

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