(1) Art Is An Octopus Poem by leonard daranjo

(1) Art Is An Octopus

Rating: 4.7

Chiselled in stone;
Pencilled in a diary;
Splashed on a canvas;
Organised in sound;
Trapped on celluloid;
Arts octopoid revelation,
Is funnelled through an artist who,
With cat-eared alertness
And sponge like receptivity,
Plumbs the depths of our known world.
Like a pearl diver,
He resurfaces every now and again,
Displaying gems missed
On life’s busy highway.

Sandra Fowler 14 October 2007

Superb write, Leonard. You have captured the very essence of the creative soul. As always, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 13 October 2007

Leonard, this is superb. A clever idea, beautifully tailored to fit the reader's eye. The many limbs of your octopus provide the perfect metaphor for the variety and of the creative process and your last few lines touch the essence of why we write poetry. I am very impressed. love, Allie xxxx

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simply out of the world

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Yen Cress 01 October 2007

Read your poem, then your bio. Oh, yes! You can communicate very well!

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Thank you 15 November 2018

I do appreciate your comment.

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An Octopus Lover 14 November 2018

I think this poem enraptures how beautiful and graceful and octopus can be, it also compliments art.

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Aurora Bell 17 August 2009

I love the idea of this poem. There are so many interpretations to art, or indeed what it is in the first place but I think this poem captures it pretty well.

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Raj Nandy 06 November 2008

The painter, the poet, the sculptor, the novelist, - are all creators- holding up this mirror of truth before us.Well expressed Sir! - Raj Nandy

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Abha Sharma 03 May 2008

Yes the artist is a pearl diver…he can screen the value of the ignored ones in front of our eyes…the medium may differ as mentioned in the beginning Common things when funneled through an artist become a piece of art… You are too good with this tool of yours, words and language…very few have this unique way of expressing…..

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