10 A Horrid Sight! ! ! ! Poem by Athul KrishnaA

10 A Horrid Sight! ! ! !


It was day in may,
I was to see a horrid sight
A man lying in the
middle of the road
Totally covered in blood
He was run over by a vehicle
a crowd was surrounding him
But none made the attempt to
Take him to the hospital
The blood was slowly turning blue
And more red blood came
Out of his body to take it's place
A woman touched his chest
And said with alarm
'He is ALIVE! ! ! ! '
There was a great strss in the last letters
Still none made the the attempt
Suddenly my father jumped into action
callling a taxi and
taking him to hospital
But alas, it was too late
He died in the hospital bed!
We went to see his family
There were great wails of sorrow
The family's only hope was gone!
His four children's wails
Of sorow wre heard above all others
Their mother had died and now thier father,
They were abandoned
The youngest fainted and was
Taken to the hospital
It was really horrid! ! ! ! !

Abhimanyu Raman 30 May 2008

athul, I have totally become a fan

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Aaron Tate 05 May 2008

All this in a blink of an eye.

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Nkululeko Mdudu 24 April 2008

I can see it in your words; the sorrow, the pain and the terrible loss. It is my human instinct to grieve with those who grieve, and to laugh with those who rejoyce. He is gone now, and the pain remains with the living.

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this poem is wonderful beyond belief. better than even i could have written. although it is a very sad poem.

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