Athul KrishnaA Poems

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53 Sweet Inside I Was

Sweet inside I was
When young was my age
In heir hands, all children
Of the world wished me

04 Lost (My Favourite)

Darkness suddenly surrounded me
As i found myself lost deep within a forest,
I was surrounded by creatures unknown
Not a clue had i about my whereabouts

02 Inspiration

05 The Sea

Oh just look at the sea!
With waves so high, touching the skies,
Splashing on the sands of the shore.
There are childrens and adults everywhere,

43 A Wish

A dawn like a smile, heavenly lovely
A day sunny allthrough, very nicely
End of the road, light lit turn
And offer of prosperity, sooth the burn

01 Holidays

The time has come at last,
For the tiresome schools be closed,
For the long awaited two months of fun;
Without any study!

17 The Lion

Look at that mane
All so yellow,
Look at those eyes
Looking so cruel

03 Limerick

There once lived an old man in france,
Who taught children to dance,
Once he had a nightmare;
That he was eating a shoe,

09 My Best Friend

My best friend is a dog,
He sleeps like a log.
He has very sharp front teeth
And he likes to lie in the heat.

10 A Horrid Sight! ! ! !

It was day in may,
I was to see a horrid sight
A man lying in the
middle of the road