13. Love Is – Everything! [on Love A Collection Of Poems] Poem by Angelina Pandian

13. Love Is – Everything! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

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Everything we do, we do it for love!
Whether self love or love for others
It is, love that prompts us
To do whatever we do!
Love of money, material or fame
The love to achieve or attain
Certain goals and dreams
These are which motivates and helps us persist
In our long and weary walk through Life.
The love to prove or simply do
Whatever it might be, we can surely say –
It is love in one form or another
That makes the world go round and
Keeps us all alive!

Mamta Agarwal 03 July 2009

yes, its all about love... Mamta

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Carl Harris 01 July 2009

Being sort of an authority on love, having fallen into and out of it more than several times in my life, Angelina, I enjoyed this very well writen and expressed poem very much. I liked your imagery in it and smooth flow of your words. You pretty much summed up what is very well, for it is everything, especially for those in love! Carl.

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premji premji 15 May 2009

of course, love is everything..............

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great lines wow amazing! beautiful collections!

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