136. Lost Friends Poem by Jaden Knight

136. Lost Friends

Rating: 4.8

They say that everyone has at least one person
that they have left behind in their life
some they regret losing and want them back
others long forgotten and now are mere memories

All I know is that I have lost plenty of people
all of them tallied into four groups
a few have died
some have faded away
others have had to have been cast out
the rest just couldn’t keep up

I mourn those who have passed on
many I think before their time
maybe I’ll see them on the other side
and we can raise a glass together again
and once more the room shall ring with our laughter

I lament those who have faded
many of them were decent friends
fate was always moving against us
we didn’t realise until it was too late
thankfully what has faded can be restored
the only problem is finding them again
but it won't stop me from looking

The many I have cast out I care nothing for
most made the choice too easy
either by cheating lying or stealing
or even all three
the worst are those who have broken the rules
shattered trust and fractured promises
it doesn’t matter now
I can no longer trust any of them
want nothing more to do with those fools
I’ll be happy if they all just blow away

The rest I await to catch up with me
either on this side or the other
hoping that one day the pace can change
I still hope to catch up with others
maybe one day those times can return
to when we all laughed together

They say that everyone has at least one person
that they have left behind in their life
some I regret losing and want them to return
others I can meet again on the other side
the rest I’ll just throw to the fire
let them burn away until they finally go out
then all they will be is mere memories

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Bri Edwards 14 January 2015

i like how you reused lines 1 & 2 as lines 39 & 40. all in all, i have about as many people in my life now as i can or wish to deal with. true, i sometimes think what happened to her? or i wonder if he is still alive. i also sometimes think, what will people on PH (or elsewhere) think if they stop hearing from/of me? some (maybe all, in the case of PH) will never know if i got thrown in jail, died, got tired of it all, or forgot how to type. Well Profanisaurus, if you outlast me on PH, let me assure you that i have enjoyed knowing you and reading (most of) your poetry. best wishes, always. bri :)

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Susan Lacovara 14 April 2014

Now I feel like making a list.....who to keep, who to seek, who to leave, who to retrieve....Thanks for pointing out what we hardly knew we always knew! Saving to my favorite list. Bravo!

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