135. Beware The Creme Egg Poem by Jaden Knight

135. Beware The Creme Egg

Rating: 5.0

One Easter night laying on an outdoor bed
a crème egg fell from the sky and hit my head
it bounced off my skull with a thumping sound
and rolled away when it hit the ground

I sat up and got a big surprise
when this egg began to grow in size
Up up it shot just like tree
Arms and legs growing till it was same height as me

The giant egg was its body and face
two huge red eyes glaring all over the place
I thought that it was a joke
but I got a shock when it finally spoke

With ringing voice it cried
“You humans have made me for a lie
you will not win you have no right
you will not dine on me tonight”

It passed to me a razor sharp blade
but could not tell you from what it was made
“Now” said it “we fight egg to man
and I will win and ruin your plan”

We fought viciously blade to blade
and what a noise that we must have made
back and forth round and round
my ears were ringing with every sound

I held him off for over an hour
until I summoned up all my power
then it realised the mistake it made
as I disarmed it off its shiny blade
I quickly chopped off its arms and legs
when I’d done this it began to beg

“Have pity sir I didn’t want to hurt you
look into my eyes and know it to be true”
I laughed at it and replied “I have won and claim my right
I shall dine on your good self tonight”

With those words heard it began to yell
“Ok then I’ll see you in hell”
it instantly vanished with a blood curdling scream
and awoke me from my crazy dream

So consume your crème eggs every one
or would you do as I have done
eat them as it if there is no lack
but just be careful if the eggs fight back

Friday, April 4, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
This occurred after a crazy dream in which I fought sword to sword with a humanoid creme egg! I love crazy dreams! ! It may or may not make people laugh. If it does, all good. If not, what the hell
Hannah Wolton-carr 25 April 2014

This is really original and amusing. I hope this was a real dream :) . Just a suggestion: use punctuation so you know your readers are reading it at the same pace and rhythm as you do.

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Bri Edwards 15 April 2014

was this REALLY a dream, or a daydream, or just a fruitful imagination? ? whatever it was, you nailed it/got it just right! thanks for sharing the fruit. please pass me a slice of the creme egg. oh, i see i missed the poet's note the first time around. it WAS a dream. what was so crazy about it? to MyPoemList. i find that the verbs lie and lay are often confused by people (does that statement make sense?) . it is no big deal, as i assume most people will still understand what is being said, BUT if you want to speak/write the way i was probably taught when in english class years (and years) ago, here is some guidance from a google site. there also may be a little humor below, for people who aren't too prudish. : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lie is an intransitive verb (one that does not take an object) , meaning to recline. Its principal parts are lie (base form) , lay (past tense) , lain (past participal) , and lying (present participle) . [Lie meaning to tell an untruth uses lied for both the past tense and past participle, with lying as the present participle.] Lay is a transitive verb (one that takes an object) , meaning to put or to place. Its principal parts are lay (base form) , laid (past tense) , laid (past participle) , and laying (present participle) . The two words have different meanings and are not interchangeable. Although lay also serves as the past tense of lie (to recline) – as in, He lay down for a nap an hour ago – lay (or laying) may not otherwise be used to denote reclining. It is not correct to say or write, I will lay down for nap or He is laying down for a nap. The misuse of lay or laying in the sense of to recline (which requires lie or lying) is the most common error involving the confusion of these two words. ] Once you lay (put or place) a book on the desk, it is lying (reclining, resting) there, not laying there. ] When you go to Bermuda for your vacation, you spend your time lying (not laying) on the beach (unless, of course, you are engaged in sexual activity and are, in the vernacular, laying someone on the beach) . ] You lie down on the sofa to watch TV and spend the entire evening lying there; you do not lay down on the sofa to watch TV and spend the entire evening laying there. ] If you see something lying on the ground, it is just resting there; if you see something laying on the ground, it must be doing something else, such as laying eggs. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - the rhyming (and humor, and characterization of the interpersonal relationship between man and creme egg) were fantastic aka GREAT. among the stanzas i particularly enjoyed was this one: With ringing voice it cried “You humans have made me for a lie you will not win you have no right you will not dine on me tonight”....................thanks for sharing. this poem reminds me of two i wrote, one of which is: Alien's Oyster-Feast........ [Fantasy; Humor? ; Alien Invasion? ; Personal] reviewed 1/8/2014..................from a daydream/imagination. bri :)

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Britney Obasi 10 April 2014

Next time, I am totally fighting my food. I love your poem and your crazy dreams of yours.

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Colleen Courtney 04 April 2014

Ha! You got to love dreams! Especially the nutty ones! Great job with this one John. I needed a good laugh tonight! Don't think I'll ever be able to eat another Cadbiry Creme Egg though....least not without thinking of your crazy human and egg duel!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 04 April 2014

Seeing a dream and then put on paper through the ink of mind is a tough job and you did...I read all must read thank you dear lovely

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