139. Truth Poem by Jaden Knight

139. Truth

Rating: 3.7

Some people say that the road to truth is long and winding,
others will just tell you that what you believe is true
does truth really ask more questions than it answers
how you choose to think about it all is up to you

Each one searches for their individual version
seeking it with both heart and mind
the strange thing is the results are different
your truth is not the same as mine

One of the problems with this world of lies
Is it makes any truth much harder to find
many try to disguise the truth by wrapping it in bulls**t
or attempting to bury in a miles deep pit

The trouble is the truth fights back
it remains what it is no matter what the attack
this upsets the governments and that’s no surprise
trying to cover up all their mistakes with myriads of lies
but about what they’ve done you’ll soon learn
and mentally you’ll sent them to hell to burn

Never allow people to stop you from seeking the truth
they try to control and brainwash the youth
always question the things you were taught
as long as you do this you’ll have my support

For now I wish you all the very best
enjoy your life and good luck with your truth quest
but if I can be cheeky and make one suggestion
follow your own path and keep asking questions

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: truth
Shian Daley 04 May 2014

Very beautiful and well written. You did and excellent job :)

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Sara Simpson 04 May 2014

This is very beautifully written, but at the same time has a calmer and down to earth tone. It's very relatable in many senses, and contains a philosophy sort of feel. What I really like is how it can be interpreted in many different ways which still contain a common theme of Don't just believe everything you're told, Whether it's religion or just teachings in general, this is a very relatable poem to many people. I look forward to reading more from you.

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Evy-joy Rendon 04 May 2014

Well all of us is carrying our truth within our inner soul......Being you is you know what is truth lies on you... nobody can stand on you if you are in your truth way of living... Just to be in your Naked is enough for us to live and enjoy our life with His Presence to us...Isn't it?

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Sana Ghostana 03 May 2014

Very strong and (of course) truthful. I especially liked that last line; but if I can be cheeky and make one suggestion follow your own path and keep asking questions I think you did a good job with this poem of truth.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 02 May 2014

Yes my religion is against blind faith and exhorts sincere questioning since they lead to true answers. I liked the unique great style of yor poem. Swell!

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