1914 Poem by David Wood


Rating: 4.5

Married villages emptied to the call.
Young single men from well-worn towns
Changed from suits and flat caps to khaki.
They changed their hob nailed working boots
To lugging clay-sucked boots of the trenches.
They marched down roads lined with
Loving wives and girlfriends waiving.
They marched to the slaughterhouse of
Flanders fields where poppies blossomed,
Their blood filled petals beckoning all who
Passed by and fell to the bullet or shell.
Death clinging low to the ground. Death
Walking, sickle sweeping from side to side,
With Death saying, 'I claim him' over and over.
August 1914 was just the beginning of hell.
Lions marching into the unknown and oblivion.

We are nearing the centenary of the start of the First World War and man doesn't seem to have learned anything about peace
Kim Barney 28 January 2015

I love this poem. I have voted it a ten. It reminds me somewhat of my poem RIVER RAN RED, which is about the Battle of Antietam in the Civil War. Keep writing.

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Kim Barney 20 July 2015

I see that I already commented on this poem back in January. I loved it then and still love it. You have done a marvelous job with this one, and congratulations on having it selected as member poem of the day! Well deserved.

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Stephen Parker 12 April 2013

I love poems on the realism of war. Idealistic notions soon morph into quagmire of reality. Good description of the World War One soldier!

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Shahzia Batool 13 April 2013

Amazing chronicler this your poem is, and wonderful yet so cutting poets notes about it...

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Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx 15 April 2013

Congrats on your excellent poem, I have a great interest in how so many ordinary people sacrificed their lives so that we may live in peace now. You captured the moment just right. No fanfare, nostalgia, or romance. The contrasting images of the poppies and the shells, trenches with death sickle sweeping. A thoughtful and sad poem on the first world war, a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing.

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Michael Cochrane 28 May 2023

Rupert Brooke poems convey the horrible experience of the world war. Your poem really stands out excellent David.

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Richard Jarboe 20 May 2023

I wrote one about 1914 called 'World War One.' You might like it. Take care, ric

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Richard Jarboe 20 May 2023

Good work. I wrote one about 1914. It's called 'World War One.' You might like it, take care,

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Congratulations, David! This poem features on the top Death Poems on PoemHunter. A real achievement. Deserving

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" August 1914 was just the beginning of . Lions marching into the unknown and oblivion." Yes it was.. even in India, where the British forced Indian youth into service

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