Chasing The Wind Poem by David Wood

Chasing The Wind

Rating: 4.8

No matter how hard we tried
We couldn't stop their use
Despite all that had died
By such an evil abuse.

They wouldn't read the facts
They said we were all wrong
So they continue their evil acts
As they sing the same old song.

Thursday, January 12, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: environment
Battling local authority to ban glyphosates failed again despite all the reports in our favour. The UK has lost 60% of insects, including pollinators, since 1980.
Sylvia Frances Chan 27 January 2023

Today your amazing poem is ranked on number 34 of the Top 100 Best Member Poems, David. Once agin my heartiest Congratulations

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David Wood 27 January 2023

Thank you Sylvia, it's now 20 in the top 100! !

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Jim McGill 27 January 2023

You are writing about insects. This poem can also apply to the ‘gun rights' in America. Excellent poem.

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David Wood 01 February 2023

Yes Jim, you are right it is about every betrayal those in power impose on us.

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Congratulations, David. This poem is promoted to the position of # 20 in the Top Member Poems List. Most deserving. All the best, David.

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anais vionet 17 February 2023

Congratulations on this poem being on today's top 10 list!

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David Wood 17 February 2023

I took the title of this poem Chasing the Wind from Ecclesiastes 2: 10-11as it seems s hard, almost meaningless, to fight authorities as they are so elusive regarding things that should be banned like glyphosates, or even gun laws as someone pointed out.

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The rulers, " They wouldn't read the facts They said we were all wrong " they don't care.. they seek power

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Those in power, " They wouldn't read the facts They said we were all wrong ".. They just want power…

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This poem is at #10 today. Congratulations! But where is your Valentine's Day poem, David?

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