197. Becky Poem by Jaden Knight

197. Becky

They sit together in their favourite place
holding hands like they used to do
the bench in the park garden is broken
the wood has almost rotted through

Their tears race each other down their faces
there is a point in lying to each other
they both know that their chance has gone
all that remains is how they say goodbye

She knows she can not keep him
the separation was her idea
she begs a final kiss to remember him by
he reluctantly agrees and their lips meet
the kiss lasts as long as a heart beat
before he pulls away

They both get up and turn to leave
the bench crumbles away to dust
nothing remains to keep them there
as they go their separate ways

That was many years ago
both in a way have moved on
they barely remember each other
the memory of their final kiss
has almost faded away

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: sad
Kim Barney 11 April 2015

Personal experience? Was Becky once the love of your life? In any case, it is well written and I enjoyed reading it. I came to your page because of Bri Edwards. He mentioned you in his latest poem.

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Darlene Walsh 05 April 2015

Sometimes the fragility of love, like the fragility of poorly protected wood, sadly doesn't last forever. There is hopefully a new wooden bench in their old spot, just like there is hopefully a new love in their hearts.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 24 March 2015

Oh no this is a soulful goodbye love poem written in a subtle way that expresses the sad parting, a love broken up apart ah! Kudos on how u captured it all in poem. Nice to read u again.

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Ging Taping 24 March 2015

yeah! Time heals the wound...when the memory crossed your mind..you will only smile :)

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