2 Myself I Said Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

2 Myself I Said

Rating: 4.8

I wrote this in July of 2007 when my Mom, who was also
my Best friend passed away.
My nickname for her was: Rufus.

I said to myself......

Today is another day, being sad, frustrated, and angry,
would Momma want you this way?
Yet her being gone didn't sink in right away.

Still at 39 I would go to Momma to set my heart staright,
but she wasn't sitting there in her favorite chair,
that's when it sunk in and I was totally aware....she really is gone.

There'll be no more flying thru the door
saying Hiya Rufus, how yah be,
bending down just to get and give a kiss,
it's the cute little things that I am going to truly miss.

No more being sad,
Momma would want you to be that Gal who makes
others smile and feel glad,
as for the personal things in your life that are
causing frustration,
there's a time and a place,
maybe it's just not the right season,
but Linda you darn well know there is a reason.

Don't be angry,
for you know you don't believe in hate,
Momma always told you
All good thing to those who wait.

Shruti Modi 30 July 2008

its a very emotional heartfelt touching poem for your mother.. it tells me that i mustlisten to my mum too...thanks linda for such a lovely poem....m glad u shared it!

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Dr.subhendu Kar 19 November 2007

this is really a great tribute to your mother remembering her greatness yet in memort lane, most heartfelt, lovely poem, as i give credit of 10+, thanks for sharing

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Rosemary Dupree 16 November 2007

My sympathy is with you on the lost of your mother, this is a beautiful and heart felt tribute to her, well done. Rosemary

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rajagopal haran 09 November 2007

Mother is always a treasure Linda; in whatever form we explain it is Honey forever; great poem-regards -rajagopal-another longing son of a mother

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