{{{ A Perpetual Love 4 You }}} Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

{{{ A Perpetual Love 4 You }}}

Rating: 4.8

By being patient,
We are making our sluggish hearts accelerate to
a speed they have never, ever reached before,
my charming smile, your deep sexy voice is allowing us
to crave one another more and more.
I am looking forward to the passionate love making that is in store,
for I know it shall be protected, gentle and pure.

When I walked into your saddened world
my heart was shattered
with so much pain,
we skipped over the crush stage,
became infatuated with each another,
now we share a perpetual love
that is driving both our mind, body and soul insane.

I said I will wait for you,
that's what I've been doing,
and will continue to do,
for after 40 years I have finally found you,
a love with a heart that's oh so true.

Sylvia Chidi 24 December 2007

It seems this Gentleman is worth your love. Keep up the good writing.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 24 December 2007

Love when blue when reasons true and trudged with time even when saddened, well penned thanks and i mark 10+, thanks for sharing

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Rudy Hossam 25 December 2007

That is so romantic lucky this Michael Gentleman

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Hermoine Grisham 03 January 2018

Please give up poetry. Not your forte.

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C. P. Sharma 06 October 2008

A soulful song. The love of Radha for Krishana. Do you know. the Krishana never married Radha but she was his soulmate.

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Broken Peaces 29 December 2007

Beautiful poem Linda your Michael is a lucky fellow sleep well with your dreams my friend love Chris top marks xx

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Lamont Palmer 28 December 2007

Very heartfelt, Linda. Passion emanates from these words. -LP

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Rommel Filoteo 27 December 2007

You are the most important person in his my life and nothing will ever change that, he is your soul mate. He will love you so deeply that even words tonight cannot express them enough. Nicely penned! God bless you always!

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