{{ 4 You Dad }} Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

{{ 4 You Dad }}

Rating: 4.7

I'm doing really good without you being here,
with the Lord being my judge I truly wish you were near,
I'm doing my best to keep up and maintain
your jovial cheer.

The jokes and the stories that you have told,
never grow tired and never grow old.

I watch the others when they speak of you,
it's the love in their eyes when they remember the things you
used to say and do,
to me it's a great feeling to have had a Dad that was so
unique and so true.

I know you are watching and protecting us from up there,
we still love you and still care,
only thing is now we have this void and our lives
shall always be bare,
no matter where we search we will not find

Meggie Gultiano 04 October 2007

Linda, this is a great tribute to your father..I too, can relate to this..I lost him three years ago, but i am still in pain and miss him terribly..I also have a poem similar to this..FOR YOU DAD.. hope you can also take a peep.. hugs, Meggie

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Lady Of The North wildchild 28 December 2007

ahh OMG! This is really cool... It makes me cry! ! Awesome! ! ! ! ! ! ! :))

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Lovely daughters never forget affectionate father and cherish the memory. it is to my liking. Share same subject 'papa do u know? and papa you too? we have similar views on the subject....10

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Louis Rams 31 May 2009

a beautiful dedication to your dad, but because of his love forever be glad.he put something in you for the world to see, and that is the beauty of your poetry. GOD BLESS

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Bonnie Collins 08 April 2009

Linda, this is a beautifull tribute to your father, I found this very touching and can relate all most word for word, as I still miss my father it was 6 years this past November.. Thank you so very much for writting this, it touched my heart tonight...

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Blue Eyes 22 August 2008

my eyes r not stopping i really loved it.it left me crying.

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Rani Turton 14 March 2008

This was a really lovely poem. Except for the 4 in the title, which, of course is a question of style. Moving and poetic.

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