2190 Days Poem by Tamra Craft

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Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

2190 Days

You and me,
Six years behind us.
So many more words spoken
So many places seen.
Thousands of kisses and hugs
millions of tears
Both happy and sad.
Four more miracles
Blessed together beyond measure.
Many sorrows left behind too.
Many goodbyes said to others
But not to each other
Without being followed
My more hellos.
I loved you so much
On day one of 2190.
We held each other all day
In the dark basement.
Expressing that love over and over.
And on this day,
I love you 2190 times as much
Plus six.
For our 6 beautiful miracles
That bring me so much joy.
But not as much as your love.
Your unconditional devotion.
Your sweet tenderness for me.
Your unending selflessness
And your ability to never quit,
Or give up,
Or stop Trying.
Not you.
You are my night in shining armor
My jeweled and regal King of the castle.
My rugged brave hero in battle
My strong, dauntless warrior.
And I remain yours.
Through all your many faces.
I’m your distressed rescued princess
Your gilded Queen in Jewels
Your proud and fierce Valkyrie.
Your warrior maiden in skirts and braids.
Everything that is love, devotion and fortitude
That is our love.
Everything that is just and right
Regardless of the light other eyes cast on it
That is our love.
Everything that is innocent, wild and free.
Purity in our children’s eyes.
Love filling our children’s souls
And the beauty of everything
In our world.
That is my love for you.
I see it in every lovely thing my eyes find.
I hear it in all the music in the world.
I feel it in every hug and touch.
I taste it in everything sweet and savory.
And I touch your heart.
Everyday that you touch mine.
I can’t wait until the next 2190 days
Because I know they will
Only be better.
I love you Chris.
My favorite.
My pot pie.
The wonderful father to my children.
My man.


truly wonderful and touching..it is so warm it melts my heart completely hehe beautiful poem

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Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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