My Baby Girl

Rating: 5.0

So innocent and sweet, perfection could not come close
Your tiny lips form a big yawn and I can’t help but to think,
Why would the gods grant me with such a blessing as her?
What did I do to deserve this angel wrapped in pink?

No good deed seems deserving enough of her love
Her tiny hand grasps my finger and I am complete
I am consumed by her remarkably beautiful presence
From the top of her downy head to the tiny toes on her feet.

I have never felt a need to protect something so fiercely
To prevent her from ever feeling any kind of pain.
From the moment I felt her growing inside of me
I have been profoundly changed.

All I can think about is making certain she knows what she is
A treasure of unsurpassable worth.
And to fill her with the esteem she needs to face the world,
And that no mother was happier than I at her birth.

My dreams are of walking beside her hand in hand
Sharing in all her hopes and adventures
But I will happy if the only thing I ever do
Is succeed in showing her just how much I love her.

Sandra Martyres 07 April 2009

Your pride and happiness as a mother is recounted beautifully in thsi poem Tamra

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Laurie Hill 06 April 2009

A mothers love, absolutely priceless........lovely

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