$$ 3 _ Alicia Keys _ 3 $$ Poem by Ebone' Ingram

$$ 3 _ Alicia Keys _ 3 $$

Rating: 2.7

One day,
You told me
that i remind You of Her
and assured me
that that was good thing.

And i was graced
with the deliciously sweet
feeling of reflecting
Her eternal grandeur,
the look in Her eyes
as She poses for
photographers at the Grammys,
Her face flawless and dynamic,
Her body a series
of perfectly alluring curves.

i basked in the light
of Her fingers gracing the
slick black-and-white keys
that She named Herself after;
i erupted in joy at the thought
of my song and Hers in
total harmony.

i rejoiced thoroughly
at the prospect of being
beautiful to myself
inside and out,
for the very first time...
and then i found out
that You were a compulsive liar.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 06 January 2007

Better you smoke'em out now, than later, young lady...i like the structure& verbage you employ, here...you most certainly have efflorescent potential & as well as natural quilling skills....Nice job, Ebone ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F. j. R.

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Dee Daffodil 04 January 2007

Ok...so Josh is just a moron...yes? You have beauty within and a spirit that just about explodes with all kinds of amazing stuff, and you dear lady, do not need some doofus compulsive liar named Josh! Awesome poem full of strength Hugs, Dee

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Uriah Hamilton 02 January 2007

I don't know this fellow who compared the two of you but maybe he didn't lie, you are both young, beautiful, talented! ! Alicia is at the top of her game and the world, I have confidence that you, Ebone' are on your way! ! Uriah

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