.33) Photo: Miss Lindahl's 5th Grade Class, Flynn Park School,1959

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Where are you, boys and girls
of Miss Lindahl's 5th grade class?

What became of you
when you slipped off
the far edge of my world?

Many of you
I never saw again,
or even thought of
until I saw this picture,

yet you occupy a place
that can't be filled
by anyone but you —

so much yourselves,
untrained as yet
in putting on a face.

Your faces are colors
long forgotten,
your names sound notes
of a long-lost scale:

Harvey Baer, Gail Rutherford,
Marion Phipps, Jonathon Katz,
Temmy Goldwasser, Randy Wahl —

your names are bells that angels ring,
tolling the music of the spheres.

fanniesson - 07 February 2007

really nice loved the read hit me just right

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Brian Dorn 13 August 2006

Max, you've brought that class picture to life, I think we can all relate... brilliantly written! ! Brian

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Nimal Dunuhinga 11 August 2006

Max I hear the bell tolls and automatically I enter to my nostalgic school. Many thanks indeed for sharing...............Oh! My friends where are they gone?

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Poetry Hound 01 August 2006

I've thought about long last gradeschool chums too. Very strong personalities and social situations that just dissipate with time. A poignant topic, Max. Last 2 lines are very strong.

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