{{{ How I See Our World }}} Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

{{{ How I See Our World }}}

Rating: 4.8

Viewing our world as one nation,
I see it is suffering from broken communication,
for we're always plagued by anticipation.

It is no longer what I can do for you,
it is what you'll always do for me,
now you're telling me this is how it honestly should be,
whatever happened to the best things
in life are free?

Men and Woman fighting in a war,
families are losing their hearts more and more,
we're told they are fighting for a 'Cause'
it's not a cause....it's a cost,
for everyday a lot of innocent lives are being lost.

Forever judging each other by color, race or creed,
saying or doing whatever need be,
for most are fueled and controlled by greed.

If we continue on with such distasteful deceitful lies,
there is only going to be one guaranteed surprise,
we will all have played a hand
in bringing our own world to it's demise!

Ying Escalona 11 January 2008

yes...its mutual destruction.................

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Broken Peaces 11 January 2008

Cracking write Linda the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, admiration Chris

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Alison Smith 13 January 2008

Its a sad truth about this world we all had a part in creating. That now the predominate power is the power of greed. Its not hold my hand I'll help you, its give me your hand and help me. Nice write. Alison

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Linda Moore 14 June 2009

Very true, Our World has many concerns to be addressed. You have done a great job here, many feel as you do. We must keep a positive attitude for change.......10

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Ben Gieske 23 June 2008

You do well voicing the concerns of the common person. We keep asking and never get satisfying answers. This part stands out for me: 'it's not a cause....it's a cost'. It's seems like nothing is free. We always have to pay in some way even in learning.

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Bob House 21 January 2008

Good stuff and strong sentiment. Thanks for showing me I'm not the only one that thinks along the same lines. Are there enough to make a difference? I have similar thoughts in my poem entitled New Faith. Keep writing!

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Meggie Gultiano 20 January 2008

A strong and powerful message, Linda. I love the way you presented this. You did this from your heart.

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Ricky Owen 18 January 2008

You spoke the truth, come straight from the heart. Wonderful poem Kindest Regards Ricky

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