{{ 1-800 Number 2 Heaven }} Poem by Linda I. Weischedel

{{ 1-800 Number 2 Heaven }}

Rating: 4.8

Don't think for one minute I don't miss you,
because you know Momma,
I truly do.

I look at your picture and just stare,
knowing that I am here and you are up there,
my world seems so desolate, boring, and bare,
no other up and coming friendship will never ever have
the chance to compare.

Many times within the day I fight off being sad,
I focus and remember all the outstanding
fun times you and I had,
you completed so many thoughtful gestures
that sure made me awfully glad,
are you happy to be reunited with Daddy,
and your Mom and Dad?

The holidays just aren't the same,
I suppose they never will be,
if there was an 1-800 number to heaven,
you'd surely be getting a call everyday from me.

I love and miss you dearly Mom,
your little girl,

Dr.subhendu Kar 05 December 2007

as remembering the mother, . as tearful as rain falling from within, that is the emotion of true love for mother as expressed, that deserves 10+, thanks for sharing

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Ying Escalona 05 December 2007

my goodness Linda...i wished that too...my mom left me just 2 months ago..and she left no words..

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Lynda Robson 06 December 2007

This is very poignant, I still miss my mom although 15 years have passed since she died, but I try to remember the good times, lovely words thanks

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Ross Lakes 07 December 2007

My mom slipped away while she and Dad were watch TV one night 3 years ago, just before Christmas. He greives that day and calls me. Your poem touched me.

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Ewigi Liebe 10 December 2007

This touched me so much, cause I missed my parent so much...I grown up alone..in far away with my parent...its really not easy...they are still alive but we rarely spoke to each other....and i missed them so much. thank you for sharing...truly touched my heart. Mary

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Resh Kav 20 June 2017

One can understand that this poem is from heart. So true feelings

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Gina Layog 14 April 2009

if there was only a way, to call collect to heaven and say, just to let them know that you still miss them, your thoughts, I find so enchanting, your words, so sincere, very inspiring

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Ashley Horstman 04 October 2008

This poem is amazing! i love how much you love your mother and miss her very much. you get a perfect 10!

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Hi its Natasha I want to say to Reach out for support if you ever wish to talk all you have to do is send me a message.

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Coll B. Lue 26 February 2008

Linda, this is truly a lovely poem, so heartfelt. Cheers, Coll

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