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4th Of July,2014

Rating: 2.8

You are my Country,
I shall not want,
To go back,
To the nightmare of Tyranny,
Of yesteryears,
Come from afar
Still living across the Seas,

Yes, We Americans,
We Love Liberty,

It's our gift to the World,
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Friday, July 4, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Jayatissa K. Liyanage 09 September 2014

My salute to you, for your stance! Poem is a treat.

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Sandra Feldman 04 July 2014

This Poem is dedicate to our Country and Countrymen. May the light of Liberty, Understanding and Compassion always shine among and upon Us.

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Sandra Feldman 04 July 2014

No matter what anyone says about this Country, it is still the best. We have the most fundamental and greatest gift, LIBERTY! The French knew what they were doing when they gave us Lady Liberty, the brightest most beautiful Statue in the World. Never give up fighting for her. If we do, The World will be, One big mass of Tyranny. SF

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Colleen Courtney 04 July 2014

Wonderful poem of tribute to our Country! Love that it shows that it is not perfect but still a place of great freedom and love. Really like the line, Though we walk through the valley of Misunderstanding, we will not give up! Shows the true strength of our country as a whole. United we stand. Perfect poem for a perfect day!

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