(565) Walk Away-Please Don’t Stay Poem by Melvina Germain

(565) Walk Away-Please Don’t Stay

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You don’t know whom you’re dealing with,
when you start to mess with me.
I’m your worst enemy, with me you’ll never be free.
I’ll chew you up, spit you out, never blink an eye.
You’ll crawl and you’ll beg, you will surely cry.
I’ll hit you and cut you, kick you in the groin
then call 911, the police emergency line.
To them I’ll say you hit me, push me to the ground.
My little jackass, those dumb cops will believe every sound.
I’ll wrap them around my finger and cry like a baby.
They will do whatever they can for sweet little me.
You see, I’m the weaker sex.
When the judge hears my story, to jail you go, I’m in my glory.
So run like a dog, fearful, confused knowing you’re
going to jail, maybe make the evening news.
My story believed by many except a few.
Who cares about them, they’ll never stand up for you.
You see, they are smart, the children they will not see
if they dare to confront me.
Their tongues will be silent like scared little lambs,
for fear the grandchildren may be taken out of their hands.
I’ll play them like puppets, your loyal family.
They know better than to deal with me.
The police will hunt you down wherever you go,
when they pick you up, maybe give you a few blows.
You dumb little ass, I’ll laugh in your face.
Next time, you better know your place.
I want to know wherever you’re going any time day or night.
The cell phone you carry always kept in your sight.
Never speak to any other woman, keep your head to the ground.
If I see you, I’ll break your F- crown.
I’m in control, I always will be.
With me you’re stuck, we have a family.
No problem just do what you’re told, all will fine,
Just remember, never step out-of-line.

They call me

Date: February 18/2007

This piece may seem absurd to you, but believe me it happens. The law stands with the woman. A loving caring father will
never walk away for fear of losing his children. To the men
that end up with these crazy ladies, you must find a way out.
To stay in a situation like this is very difficult for the children.
Seek counseling, do whatever it takes, you must walk away
before one of you breaks.

Believe me, these ladies exist, you may know one or two. Are
you the type that laughs when you see your friends bruises or
a cut between the eyes. It’s not a laughing matter, your friend
is suffering in silence for fear of telling his story, after-all he is
“THE MAN” and of course we all know, men don’t hurt, men
don’t cry and certainly men don’t feel. If you believe that then
you’re a fool.

Remember this is my opinion only, I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m
Just a loving grandmother.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 18 February 2007

Melvina...An extraordinary write, my dear...[.last week on site..been so busy....still need to catch up with you & i willl....im all over the place! ] Lots to take heed to in this work & you deliver it with poetic dexterity... FJR

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 31 March 2007

what a poem! It is so thought provoking...which is what I look for in a poem. ((well one of the things)) (smile) I am so glad you shedded light on this issue of woman brutality on men, What people need to know is it is not funny EITHER WAY...man against woman or vice versa. I pray this poem touches someone and makes them walk out of the situation or that it prompts someone to blow the whistle on a woman who is beating their husband...because even though they are a 'MAN' doesnt mean they are always strong enough to walk away.If a person can help as a witness to the abuse then maybe just maybe that woman will be put away as easy as a man can be...and maybe then the healing can begin. Great Title, subject and just a truthful piece of poetry! You are so talented Melvina as every time I read your poetry I realize more and more that your gift is getting stronger and stronger every day! Thank you for sharing! I am so happy to have joined this new site. God Bless, L, Shelley

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Grace Tan 24 March 2007

It's a nice poem. Brings light to the other side of the social perspective. You fought well for those poor, undefended husbands, and I applaud you for being such a sensitive lady. The poem is written in a scarily flirtative and possesive, dominating manner, that is relevant as you, putting yourself in their shoes, act out the perfect script of the hypocrite. Cool.

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David Harris 18 March 2007

Melvina, no one ever thinks that a man can be battered husband it is only the wives that are battered. You have brought a well hidden and well camouflaged fact to light here. I hope quite a few people take note. This a thoughtful and profound statement. Thank you for sharing it. David

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Not a member No 4 04 March 2007

This rings true over here too Melvina! ! This is very fine social comment writing that should be taken seriously. Having worked for the law for many years I saw the reality of it and the twisted logic behind it which you present very convincingly. Terrific writing dispaying great compassion. There's a great heart behind this. xx jim

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Frank Cannon 28 February 2007

Just caught up with this write Melvina. And what a great write it is too. Subject matter rarely tackled but done with great aplomb here.

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