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(975) A Small Tribute To A Good Friend (David Harris)

Rating: 3.6

A poem a day David said is his goal,
his writing comes from the heart and soul.
I admire this precious blessed man.
I know God holds him by the hand.

David is covered with God’s love,
showered with Angel glints from above.
Always having a kind word to say,
through his poems, he saves the day.

One day I hope to meet this man,
give him a big hug, shake his hand.
For now I’ll continue to enjoy his poems
along with others who also know him.

Your poem a day, I look forward to,
with God’s blessings, you’ll see it through.
May your words flow, pen to page,
and may you live to a grand old age.

x... x... 23 August 2007

Awesome write and tribute about a loving, wonderful and giving man...He's really here for 'all' who need him.. You got it all, for with him, it's all about 'the largeness of his heart and soul.' Bravo Melvina! ! :) :) ~~mm.xo~~~

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 23 August 2007

Well said melvina, for a prince amongst men...

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Ernestine Northover 23 August 2007

This is a lovely message to David, Melvina. You couldn't have said it to a nicer chap. I've been lucky, I have hugged him! ! ! ! but he's a tall fella, I felt very short in comparison. Ha! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Alison Cassidy 30 August 2007

A loving and lyrical tribute to a delightful poet with a kind heart and an impressive goal - a poem a day! Wow! love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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David Harris 27 August 2007

Melvina, I came along to find your Sunday prayer and noticed my name staring at me there. It took me really by surprise because I've been away a few days. It has left me a bit speechless. It is so beautiful. One day I hope to get to meet you and return the hug. Thank you so much my friend. Love and Hugs David

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Diane Violet 25 August 2007

A wonderful tribute for a dear friend Melvina, a hug in words from you to him...all the best to you both! ...Diane

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Sandra Fowler 25 August 2007

A true friend is a rare gift in this life. A lovely tribute to David Harris. And warm regards to both of you. As always, Sandra

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Meggie Gultiano 23 August 2007

And may my words flow from pen to pen admiring his writes, from day to day, evry bit of words from his poems flow and continue into the innermost chamber of my heart..i love his works, really..there is always PEACE and SERENITY. Melvina, you did justice in writing a tribute to our dearest friend, David..top marks! love and hugs, Meggie

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