A Blessed Fate. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

A Blessed Fate.

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The first raindrop on my nose tip
Landed after her long-fated trip!
A crystal crown at first-fall emerged,
And many a rainbows blossomed!
Sending chill shivers into my sinews,
Marrows, veins and soul centers,
Made my eyes seal and arms raise
To the heavens, sending prayers
For her, me and surrounded mates!
Blessing my lips, chin and neck,
Took her abode in my bosom,
For, her mission immortal is over!
As the morning zephyr pronounced,
She has been in void's cocoon
Since ages attaining this form;
Sun's lusty desire on Ocean,
Turned on her pent-up passion,
A tender flake of cloud was born!
As any other form of life in nature,
She too had miles to traverse,
To know her fate and nature.
The crystalline mistress of all
Invaluable substances ever born!
Harnessing for this ethereal,
But ephemeral flight, on order
Of the most Benign Being,
She sent praises in profusion.
How could she be in delights
Knowing fate since ages!

This morning, after a long years, there is some new slant rain drops in Ajman, UAE, where i live now. i was coming out from home to go for breakfast. true, the first raindropp i felt on my nose! had just a tea, God gave the rest, composed this verse, submitting to you all for blessings and reviews; positive and negative, to reach refinement. God bless all. waiting with bated breathe of apprehension.
* Sunprincess * 17 September 2014

.....very nice...I always like rain poems.....

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Tirtho Banerjee 30 November 2012

This is superb. Thanks Tajudeen for sharing it

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Vijay Sai R 30 November 2012

marvellous depiction...full of imagery

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Vipins Puthooran 30 November 2012

'tis a very beautiful poem with good rhythm of words and expression! ! ! Top marksss! ! ! !

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Absolute poetic splendour carved out in apt diction indeed! The beauty of your lines has the touch of Arnold`s rare vision. As the convention has it on you, the image of God and your thankfulness to His bounty are rather a part of your humility perhaps. Keep it up and flourish for all of us.

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