A ' Bort ' Poem by Louie Levy

A ' Bort '

Rating: 2.5

A Bort, ...as heard among listening eyes,
felt within the modest heart
Oh hear see! of my cry,
of wayward words, cast outward
Thwarted and waste me, not...

...As life would, in unkind repression, end
is written spirit, judged with deafened ear
Wooded babes out with reason,
their melody never sending
Hysterical lyrical cries, composed,
sung by another silent, unborn voice -

as an unturned restless spirit, scathed, while
storms have made peace with eyes, seeing
more clearly now, through skies of depth and
spiritual oceans of sky..

Louie Levy
© 2002

Please note; My viewing Bush and Kerry voice their position
on the complex issue of abortion. I sensed that the fetus knew
of its fate. Inspired spontanious words later flowed unto the
note pad The title was to be ' Abortion Or? ' The poem was
left un-edited except for the title. The A 'Bort' (fetus) seems
to have spiritually accepted it's parental decision. To date,
I am still without agreement. This was my very first book
published poem requested by Editor Santosh Kumar, Phd
of Cyberwit.net

Adeline Foster 16 April 2010

What an interesting take on this subject. Yet one can see your reasoning. Please read mine' Unborn'. Adeline

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