*america - * Poem by Louie Levy

*america - *

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-for pilgrim sake,
and land once, of 'Native' soil
Allegiance pledged, of
conquest gained, from
Earth's borne spirits' bold.

America, Proud America

Our Earth, need not be harmed
when war tales are often told
and blood stained flags, unfold

America, we Love thee

of gifted Earth bequeathed
ne'er we forget, Democracy,
and all those enslaved, be free

America America

May true freedom be our Quest
Of Womanhood and Brotherhood
from shore to ocean sea.

'With Love and Compassion,
Wherever Earth Be Shared'

Please; 'Support Peace'

Louie Levy
WW ll Vet.

Linda Weischedel 14 July 2008

Even though I wasn't born yet, Thank you for protecting us as a WW ll vet *smile*

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Comments from guests of Jbstillwater.com On 8/28/2007 triciastar (Tricia Star Page) stated these words: A beautifully penned, overflowing soul anointing paper with dignity and grace. Plea with great heart for person, country, the world itself for peace. An exquisite read. Thank you for sharing this with us. Patti Page On 7/23/2007 Bravestone (Ian Adam Bravestone) uttered these words: I love your values for authentic peace. Please keep prophesying such things, and we'll possess a propitious humanity. We honor your ethics and venerate your motives. Thank you for blessing us with such a mind and pen. On 7/21/2007 LouieLevy (Louie Levy) crafted these words: Thank you brother Granville and Earths neighbors. We're all indeed, kinship and among many oppressed culture. We need spiritually inspire with our for-fathers to voice and be heard of the changes that we must all partake in our individual Earthly leadership for Love and World Peace. In harmony we will compassionately, prevail Endeavoring will our passionate youth lead with their loving, parental guidance. As ever, we must all be, with hope and untiring, perseverance. ...louie On 7/19/2007 Granh (Granville Holt) declared these words: You have honored this land with this song and rekindled a will to excel in shared freedom, Granville

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 24 September 2009

May true freedom be our Quest Of Womanhood and Brotherhood from shore to ocean sea.................let us bethe torch bearere of liberty and freedom all over world as we hve undergonethe sufferings......a tru sons of soil for freedom......loved the poem.......10 read mine................terrotorial integrity...........warrior without head

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Bob Blackwell 22 August 2009

Fine words written by a compassionate man, the futility of war, the harm it does, goes on and on. Perhaps one day peace?

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Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 17 February 2009

Readers; Thank you for your suportive comments. These words found their way to me. Feelings that are all part of a library of knowlege and experience that are of our past parent hoods, Ions past. We had hoped that WWII would have ended all horific wars. Perserverence with Love and Empathy will surely have Peace prevail ...louie

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Greenwolfe 1962 09 February 2009

I would have liked to have heard yours read at the inauguration. Well done! GW62

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