* A New World Melody * Poem by Louie Levy

* A New World Melody *

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I write the poems that -

the whole world read
I write words that just
know their need

Our faithful Sun
will heal each day
Children having fun
out of harms way

Need we change our minds
with each fruitful season
Love will guide ourselves
without war and treason

People are crying
Our children are dying
Our sons are suffering
No longer home coming

I wish to write poems that
the whole world sing
Brides that see Love
with wedding rings

Words that play and line
dance in country fashion
Healing all our wounds with
Human Compassion

People are crying
Our children are dying
Our sons are suffering
No longer home coming

with loving empathy
Help write the songs,
help write the words
Inspire we must write,

'A New World Melody'

There can never be war
when hands are weaponless
and all people embrace their
families with loving tenderness

People are crying
Our children are dying
Our sons are suffering
No longer, home coming

Peace can't be all that
very far felt, when -

'People are People
Who Care'


* To; All our friends for Peace;
These inspires, gifted words are messages to be heard with song and music. Hopefully, as likened other purposeful music, they will truly serve to be a 'New World Melody' of Empathy and Compassion. Thankful for all whom support these efforts. Love be Omnipotent and Guiding.

© Copyright Louie Levy, California, USA
All rights reserved

Ted M 19 August 2009

We should join hands for a peace loving world, where people unite together to help, share to help us to live in peace and grow in a lovely environment for all of us to lead a happy life. Great content.............10

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Linda Moore 28 June 2009

Words that touch the heart, Souls cry for Peace but the World can not hear them, to busy in the physical realm, caught up in the hunger of power and greed. We must never give up our hopes of an awakening...10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 22 September 2008

This is a poem of outstanding quality of content and expression; ; defining a poet. (I too tried to do this in my own feelings in WE DEFY BARRIERS)

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Abha Sharma 27 April 2008

yes today the world needs such volunteers who write to spread and inspire peace...wars are destructive and the world has already faced the most traumatic consequences of it...no weapon would held except the power of word... thanks for the initiative taken by you for this noble cause... very well composed with a sincere message...

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 29 July 2010

People from the whole world need to join this symphony of love and peace. Great job, Louie. Best Regards.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 23 July 2010

'A New World Melody' profound and virtuosic. great poem Louie.

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Amrit Rathi 26 May 2010

Marvelous poem with a wonderful world vision! It sparkles with joy and peace. I really salute you with 10/10. Thanks.

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What a wonder world it would be if everyone sang this beautiful melody. Well done my friend.

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Bob Blackwell 22 August 2009

Everyone in our World needs to read this poem, its message of no war but peace, is paramount to the suvival of our species. I find it strange that with all the scientific advancements man has made, he still feels the need to kill his fellow man in order to solve his differences or fulfill his greed. Thank you for writing this poem, I hope it touches many hearts.

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Louie Levy

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