A Boundless Moment Poem by Robert Frost

A Boundless Moment

Rating: 3.2

He halted in the wind, and - what was that
Far in the maples, pale, but not a ghost?
He stood there bringing March against his thought,
And yet too ready to believe the most.

'Oh, that's the Paradise-in-bloom,' I said;
And truly it was fair enough for flowers
had we but in us to assume in march
Such white luxuriance of May for ours.

We stood a moment so in a strange world,
Myself as one his own pretense deceives;
And then I said the truth (and we moved on) .
A young beech clinging to its last year's leaves.

Sagar Shelar 11 February 2012

Really heart's close poem. We must read poems through our heart not eyes.

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libertyin JESUS 26 January 2012

He's remembering a moment in time not just any time, a moment that would be the best time in his life, that probably took place in the month of march. he's not just reflecting, something cause him to go back to that place in time perhaps the maples, pales. A moment in time he can never retrieve again.

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Shihabudheen K J 23 November 2011

really great, , , he ia a great poet as we all know

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Jesse Rudolph 01 November 2006

This poem, to me, is about the passage of time, and how we can confuse the beautiful miracles of the present with ghosts from our past. How we are, like the beech, just trying to hold onto something that is already dead. If we are observant enough, we will see the obvious beauty of the miraculous things that are happening, right now. And that we can take it in, acknowledge them, and go about our business once we have. pretense can be false. Take a closer look. Makes one wonder about their interpretations of such obviously beautiful poetry. Moving on.

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Unwritten Soul 20 October 2011

I always love his style...So natural by hand and poetic emotion..It simply beautiful words spelled on a paper now in a screen where we can feel it gorgeousness..wonderful _Unwritten Soul

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 October 2021

Cute and crystal clearly composed and presented, a fascinating poem by Robert Frost, our Classic Poet number One.on Poem Hunter Poem Site worldwide.

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Ruta Mohapatra 17 October 2021

Oh, to write like Frost!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 17 October 2021

Beautiful poem with a meaningful message. So well crafted and executed.

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Kingsley Egbukole 04 October 2019

A wonderful imagination poetically articulated. Kingsley Egbujkole

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Castellenas John 31 March 2019

A wonderful poem for Spring/trees by the talented Poet.

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