! A Buddhist Speaks: A Man Listens, Drinks Poem by Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire

! A Buddhist Speaks: A Man Listens, Drinks

Rating: 4.3

‘The burning flames of anger have parched the stream of my being.
The thick darkness of illusion has blinded my intelligence.
My consciousness drowns in torrents of desire.
The mountain of pride has flung me into the nether worlds.
The driving blizzard of envy has dragged me into samsara.
The demon of belief in the ego has me firmly by the throat.’

(Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche)
[samsara = the flow of the world] ]


Oh Dilgo! You too? And you,
high in the snowy mountains, in a thriving monastery,
surrounded by devotion, love, study, meditation, prayer…

what hope for me and us, if this is what you find in you?

Then I remember your serene and smiling face,
untrammelled, unaffected, giving, and compassionate;
your first thought, before and after meditation
and the seeking of those light-clouded inner worlds,
compassion for the world; as you in turn were taught..

what hope for me and us, what can we do –
but, read this… not with self-loathing, but compassion,
the compassion that brought you, too, to write…

and I recall how snow, hanging from a mountain ledge,
forms drops of water sparkling in the sun and mountain air;
now and then, they drop; join together in a trickle;
a little way below, a mountain stream
gurgles, laughs upon its way;
makes a channel in the rock, splashes from the overhangs;
further down below (silent and still from up here, but for
a single bird, wheeling, gliding, in the lower air)
down below – a mighty river plans to form;
how pure its water tastes.

Original Unknown Girl 12 September 2007

Michael, this is an absolute joy to read. I was on that mountainside watching the water giggle on it's way. I'd forgotten how brilliant you were, this poem just holds itself up to me and says 'look at who I am'. I love it! HG: -) xx

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Alison Cassidy 16 September 2007

It is pictures the body loves - and understands implicitly - images that transform the gross, ego-driven part of all or us (even Rinpoche) . Your gurgling water, your single bird circling, your heart singing. It is the pictures that the mind loves and understands... Allie xxxx

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David Taylor 12 September 2007

Love flows in the words and the water and the reading, love flows...

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A pensive, insightful piece of purity indeed M. An absolute joy to read. t x

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 12 September 2007

A Buddhist speaks...and a Shepherd casts shadows of ancient wisdom into the chamber of the Readers mind...Michael, sometimes i think you may have existed in a first life...perched on a mountaintop, with your eyes and mind in rapid fire, taking in all that had yet to be written, while embroiled in a philosophical exchange with Plato or Socrates(take yir pick) ...Oh, yes...Solid Penning! Frank

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Indira Babbellapati 12 September 2007

wasn't i swept off by the winds of joy on reading this direct experience!

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Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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