A Calendar Of Sonnets: April Poem by Helen Hunt Jackson

A Calendar Of Sonnets: April

Rating: 3.1

No days such honored days as these! While yet
Fair Aphrodite reigned, men seeking wide
For some fair thing which should forever bide
On earth, her beauteous memory to set
In fitting frame that no age could forget,
Her name in lovely April's name did hide,
And leave it there, eternally allied
To all the fairest flowers Spring did beget.
And when fair Aphrodite passed from earth,
Her shrines forgotten and her feasts of mirth,
A holier symbol still in seal and sign,
Sweet April took, of kingdom most divine,
When Christ ascended, in the time of birth
Of spring anemones, in Palestine.

Ratnakar Mandlik 02 April 2016

A beautifully envisioned poem about april and the spring. It is meaningful and inspirational too. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Laron Green Sr. 02 April 2016

good penmanship Keep it up

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Susan Williams 02 April 2016

the rhyme scheme was smooth and silky and didn't interfere with the flow of words and its sense- poetically exquisite

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 April 2016

From earth with our works! Thanks for sharing.

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Kim Barney 02 April 2016

Very nice. Much better than the 6.0 rating given by the 48 voters so far!

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* Sunprincess * 02 April 2016

.....a wonderful tribute to april ★

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Helen Hunt Jackson

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