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A Calming Breeze

Rating: 5.0

Beautiful skies changing hour by hour
Floating clouds billow, streak and follow
Catching glints of sunlight…heightening majesty
Enhancing tranquility as gentle winds blow

Nona Shivangi 15 October 2009

We liked the content and the article. Worth the time.

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Indira Renganathan 15 October 2009

Only the gentle blowing wind does the tranquility....soothing poem...thank you

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Patricia Grantham 13 April 2013

A short and sweet write. A calming breeze is food for the soul. An uplifting poem. Thanks.

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Constance K Yost 01 October 2010

Hello, I am so happy to find your poems. This and all are refreshing- just read 10 of them, find them so uplifting, even the ones that have deep content-1870 census. You might like some of mine (?) . CY

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Walterrean Salley 26 December 2009

There is a stunning relation between nature and the soul – that the beauty of nature somehow brings tranquility to the soul. A lovely poem.

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Mark Nwagwu 18 October 2009

beautiful skies changing hour by hour! this is as ecstatic as it is collosal, yet orinarily mild and gentle. Strength inheres in this write.10, Theresa

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Gold Fish 15 October 2009

As I read this, I imagine watching these things transpire as if watching a time lapse video that speeds time. The Sun moves across the sky, the clouds fly by and the rays of light pass through the clouds in an awesome display of radiant splendor. But, the tranquility I feel in a gentle breeze blowing against my face – a tender touch. For I feel the wind and nothing else. The words are few, the theme simple, but the meaning is great and full of much truth. Enjoy nature for it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.10+ Feel free to read some of my poems; whatever appeals to you. Thanks. www.poemhunter.com/matthew-de-gasperi/

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