' A Cardboard Box' Poem by Linda Winchell

' A Cardboard Box'

Rating: 2.8

Crawled under the house to retrieve
something's that I had fogotten.
While I took them out, I sorted and found
that most of what I'd stored, was damp and rotten.

As I sorted through the memories I once knew
stuck together were photos of me and my brother.
As I pulled them apart, their memories rushed to my heart
past memories now a big part of all the others.

Was more then mold in that cardboard box
there were those memories of things from my past.
But as I now see, they will always be, in my hearts memories
and not those tangible things that just won't last.

Ashraful Musaddeq 12 October 2008

A nice composition with memory. Love it,10+

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Kay Vitter 12 December 2008

Your last observation is the heart of this poem, and it was nice to read.

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C.R. Clark 18 December 2008

A very nice read indeed. I too especially like the last two lines. Best wishes Richard

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C. P. Sharma 23 January 2009

A nostalgic read... it happens some times....you live through several decades in those memorable moments... it happens with me too. CP

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 23 January 2009

Brain is the magical cardboard box full of memories..... Great write Linda. Regards Naseer

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Jayla Smith 10 December 2019

I love this poem. It makes me think of everything. I really hope that I can find more poems like this...

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Geraldine 23 June 2018

Muddled and incoherent

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Susan Lacovara 22 March 2014

Completely taken in by your write....I have myself, detangled dampened memorabilia....moistened, at times, by tears...Thank you for returning my thoughts to what I had nearly stored for years. I invite you to venture around the attic rafters of my poems. PEACE and plenty, to you....glad I stumbled in...thinking I might just have to stay awhile.

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Adeline Foster 02 June 2012

Another good poem, great thoughts. Read mine - Mother Dear, Oh Mother Dear - Adeline

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Rachel Butler 07 November 2009

'Stuck together were some photos of me and my brother. As I pulled them apart, their memories rushed to my heart' Rachel Ann Butler

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