' A Poet's Outlet' Poem by Linda Winchell

' A Poet's Outlet'

Rating: 2.9

We poet's need, his or her outlet!
Where we can write down the words that clutter up our minds.
It is a curse to have such a talent
placing ones feelings, of words sometimes in rhyme.

Not just anyone, can master this feat
I'm not saying that, I really have.
But I have been pluged into this poet's outlet
the same as you, and for that I'm really glad.

I read some of your poems, then maybe you read some of mine?
Whatever the case might be, everyone different
and most of which are really fine.

I haven't a knack, for non-rhyming poems
It really isn't, this Poet's, poetic style.
But for those that do, I kindly read them through
and with wonderment puzzled, scratch my head and smile.

I think this currents, ' two twenty? '
Because, I go about writing, real fast!
But I always wonder, maybe you do too?
Thinking, 'How long is this streak of poetry, going to last? '

Whatever length of time we're all given
'Bravo! ', I say to you!
Now are we going to get a bill?
Pluging into these outlets used?
'Oh my! ', I'll have to end it here! '

Naidz Ladia 24 April 2009

different interpretetions in one outlet..a very nice piece..lav this.. naizz

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Myrtle Thomas 19 April 2009

How perfect the title went so well with the lines of the poem, I think you were plugged in.I agree totally I have to write now when that spark hits.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 14 March 2009

An interesting poem and very true about poetry, it's a poet's outlet.

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Bob Blackwell 15 January 2009

Words, give us a reason to write, ideas come to us naturally, you are right it is our outlet. For me poetry gave me a tool to put my ideas, beliefs and philosophy, so I could share them with them all. 'Rhyming words doing verbs/ In fact all sort of words, / Some change, some rearrange, / as they dance across the page.' Bob

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Teresa Dearing 14 January 2009

So true we all write differently and for different reasons, but mostly because the words won't stop. Mine come at night when I try to sleep and then fad with the morning light levaing me to wonder if it made sence at all or was I in a dream. T

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Roseann Shawiak 03 September 2014

A lightly humorous but telling poem about we poets and our craft. Enjoyed your poem very much, guess I was plugged into it! ! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Susan Lacovara 22 March 2014

Gifted that we can plug in to the outlet that is fed by the electricity.... pulsing poetry in our hearts. PEACE

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Rich and refreshing with a humerous ending. Very nice my friend.10/10

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Shirley Hanley 22 December 2009

I thank God for poetry... to me it's the pulse of the human soul put on display for all to see that underneath we are as one. Thanks for your fine expression of poetry.

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hmm.. you can always get a new fuse.. fuses are replaceable.. :) .. nice poem.. really nice poem

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Linda Winchell

Linda Winchell

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