A Cat And Fish Show Poem by Juhaina Tumlu

A Cat And Fish Show

Rating: 5.0

In a corner of the fair
there was a cat with a stare
watching a fish in a bowl
It swam like a joyful foal
the cat's eyes grew wide
as the fish's graceful glide
It longed to catch that fish
and place it on a tasty dish
but it was a fish show
and no harm could come we know
so the cat sat there
watching with a longing stare
the fish swam round around
performing tricks that astound
It was a sight to behold
as the crowd watched and told
the cat knew it couldn't catch
as the fish was too fast
and people around will bat
so it settled for watching
as the fish stole the show, splashing
the fish won everyone's heart
and the cat purred, with with smiley art.

Thursday, June 8, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: story,satire
Nabakishore Dash 09 June 2023

Good fight to have read in your beautiful art, but watching the show would have been much more pleasant.

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Nosheen Irfan 08 June 2023

So beautifully penned. Love the rhyme and rythm. The theme is unique and the way you have handled it is just amazing. Bravo!

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Poetic Sky 08 June 2023

Not easy under watchful eyes to takeaway the fish. Nice metaphors used.

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