A Cat Nudges Me Poem by john tiong chunghoo

A Cat Nudges Me

Rating: 3.5

the cat climbs up
to the chair
a foreleg
nudges me
as i eat

it wishes to
share my food

bit by bit
i throw
left over of
fried prawns

and it quietly eats
and keeps
nudging me
when it wants more
like a friend

David Desantis 28 April 2008

just a simple description of a simple encounter until the very end...love the 'like a friend', sometimes friends take while not giving...thats what I got from this, though I could be wrong

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Theresa Moore 31 March 2008

A poems of vivid description...I can visualize your friend and his antics. I also have a cat that nudges to get a dinner treat. An enjoyable poem.

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Ian Bowen 14 December 2007

John, your humanity shines through as you depict the trust between human and animal. Great moment in time.

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Wennie C 12 December 2007

Is that your cat you are writting about? Cause I really love to see that cat of yours....so sweet indeed.

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Lee Degnan 08 December 2007

It is an honor to receive such nudgings from a creature, of whom some cultures regard as royalty... a cat can refuse offerings of food if he deems you untrustworthy or a stranger, even if he is hungry. So a cat has blessed you first with his presence, and then with allowing you to feed him... a fine human you are indeed! Thank you for loving a cat... Hugs, Lee

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john tiong chunghoo

john tiong chunghoo

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