A Cataract Eyed Gardener And A Wild Rose Poem by nimal dunuhinga

A Cataract Eyed Gardener And A Wild Rose

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'My dear, you pour me water or tears as I feel the warmth it seems
And do not get upset please as I keep my word forever.'
Wild Rose said faithfully.
'I am a poor deserter Rose and how do we live together happily? '
Cowardice Gardener replied.
'That doesn't make any difference my darling
Your wheelbarrow is quite enough for our honeymoon and your humble straw-house really a castle for me.' Wild Rose pacified him kindly.

Diana Van Den Berg 27 February 2009

A exquisitely tender conversation such as this can only be written by a compassionate poet caring enough to observe with the heart.

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Sandra Fowler 21 September 2008

A charming fable. Lovely and other worldly, like a rich fairy tale. Who would not be enchanted? Kind regards, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 20 September 2008

You serve up your compassion tenderly, in a vase of enchanting blooms. I never cease to marvel at your extraordinary talent. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Tai Chi Italy 20 September 2008

Simply divine poetry in motion here nimal! So wise. Smiling at you, Tai

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nimal dunuhinga

nimal dunuhinga

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