*samsara Poem by nimal dunuhinga


Rating: 3.4

Oh! I watch this wonderful game in a lonely park.
A millionaire strikes a small ball with his iron club
And it flies to infinity,
He goes behind that happily.
The poor sinner caddy too crawls towards him
with a heavy bag that full of debts on his oblique shoulder.

*[ The endless journey, what 'Buddha' explains; cycle of unlimited births & deaths.]

Sandra Fowler 23 August 2009

The contrast between those who have and those who have not so often defined by you in your compelling pieces. This one is an excellent example of your creative skill to sketch these two eternally opposing pictures of life. The reader is left to ponder why this must be so.Perhaps, there is no answer... Warm regards, Sandra

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Patrick A. Martin 30 August 2009

Beautiful contrast and well put together. When I first saw the title I thought 'what has this to do with golf? ' but I quickly realised. Excellent piece.10

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Alison Cassidy 04 September 2009

You take an ordinary incident and imbue it with great spiritual and social significance. The vase you share is humbly thrown. The wisdom of its fine glaze is profound. Another fabulous poem. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Will Barber 15 November 2009

A very sharp comment on the world as we know it. - Will

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Paul Hansford 11 December 2009

Your comment on the different levels of society is especially telling because you do not tell us what to think - you simply draw a picture and let us draw our own conclusions.

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Unnikrishnan E S 01 July 2021

Wonderful poem. Profound in drawing the inexplicable analogy betwixt a game of Golf and the ties of the worldly woes (janmasamsaara bandhanam) .

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Crayon Poet 13 August 2018

I just laughed at this and thank you for writing what sounds true enough to be very funny.

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Javaid Anwar 20 November 2010

The first moves onwards happily and in a mood of victory and the second follows only in compulsion to earn his livelihood...

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Auty Paul Jason 11 April 2010

You, sir really have read the Buddish Bible.

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Ken E Hall 21 February 2010

Some wry comedey here very well said. That millionaire has lost his balls in the woods! regards

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nimal dunuhinga

nimal dunuhinga

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