A Character Poem by William Wordsworth

A Character

Rating: 3.4

I marvel how Nature could ever find space
For so many strange contrasts in one human face:
There's thought and no thought, and there's paleness and bloom
And bustle and sluggishness, pleasure and gloom.

There's weakness, and strength both redundant and vain;
Such strength as, if ever affliction and pain
Could pierce through a temper that's soft to disease,
Would be rational peace--a philosopher's ease.

There's indifference, alike when he fails or succeeds,
And attention full ten times as much as there needs;
Pride where there's no envy, there's so much of joy;
And mildness, and spirit both forward and coy.

There's freedom, and sometimes a diffident stare
Of shame scarcely seeming to know that she's there,
There's virtue, the title it surely may claim,
Yet wants heaven knows what to be worthy the name.

This picture from nature may seem to depart,
Yet the Man would at once run away with your heart;
And I for five centuries right gladly would be
Such an odd such a kind happy creature as he.

Okaba Mark 23 January 2012

A poet! A poet! A real poet! Wordsworth, a poet unmarched, O hw thy words speaks of nature itself! Can I eva b lyk thee rising frm this me tiny self! ?

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Ludicrous Angel 06 February 2012

good Lord in Heaven! ! ! of alli've read..this one tops it all....marvelous..simply astounding! !

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Manonton Dalan 23 January 2012

great! yin yang of nature md

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Paul Brookes 23 January 2012

A definite self portrait done with humor and truth Beautifully expressed. 10+

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Herman Chiu 23 January 2010

The poem is as well thought out and knowing as the Mona Lisa. A complexion is a complex result of simple parts, or differing emotions. It is truly amazing, and a 'marvel [of] nature'.

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Chinedu Dike 15 May 2021

An insightful work of art.

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The character or nature so beautifully etched by the king of nature poems. Hats off to William Wordsworth. Top stars for this marvellous poem

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Strange contrasts in a human face. Both weakness and strength. Pleasure and gloom

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Savita Tyagi 14 May 2021

It is a gem among Wordsworth's poem. How did I miss it.......so beautiful!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 14 May 2021

Marvelously worded, mine too, Ramesh! Classic Poem Of The Day, Congrats! WOW!

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