A Christmas Without Poem by Aurora Wells

A Christmas Without

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Years have gone since I was a child,
Though not once could I say life was plain or mild,
Fights amidst gift giving and even at dinner,
Lights torn down as tears fell from mother’s eyes,
Many nights I heard this angel’s cries,
Through many dark and sadistic years,
One face, one voice, was always what cheers

Her heart, her passion, and her grace
Was what put us in our “better place”
A gift in hand and a dinner for many,
Room for one more, her house seemed to have plenty

How is it that so many years have passed and now I think of this?
That we as children have taken advantage of our mothers
And all the while stuck in our own selfish bliss?
Her hugs her kisses hello her food we’ll miss

This year is a first without her, our angel of all those years
We won’t see her smile, hear jokes, nor dry her tears.
The passion she’s shown children no matter whose they are
Family and friends alike without this holiday’s shining star

Rest in peace my mother, my guardian angel, my star atop my tree
Our holidays have dimmed once again, for she walks with Jesus now... and not with me.

Mahal kita, Nanay...

Keith Wells 26 November 2007

Excellent write my love. The love, feeling that you poured into writing this. It explains your mother well. She is loved by all that ever knew her. Again great poem. Love Keith

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Lee Degnan 25 November 2007

Absolutely perfect, Rori. You blew me away. I love you. Sis.

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Aldo Kraas 25 November 2007

This is a beautiful poem And very touching also It tells me how much you loved your mother

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Aurora Wells

Aurora Wells

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