Dear God Poem by Aurora Wells

Dear God

Rating: 5.0

I tried to talk to Mom today
As I do everyday
But that empty feeling remains
Why did you have to take her away

I wanted to tell her so much
But the wind just isn’t her voice
I still can’t feel her touch anymore
And you know that’s not by my choice

I keep trying to understand that she is better with you
Than to be here enduring the pain she was in
But I still feel like it’s somehow my fault
Like she had to pay for my sin

I know I should have done so many things different
I wish I could take back all the bad
I would have been a better daughter
And made sure she wasn’t ever so sad

I know you have taken her
I know you have your reason
But you took her too soon
Right before her favorite season

The flowers are starting to bloom
The fragrant smell of roses in the air
I used to enjoy them all with her
But now they just bring despair

I wish you could have let her stay
At least for one more hug
From all of us who miss her so much
Our heartstrings she could always tug

Please tell her I miss her and I hope she is better
When you see her hold her hand
Let her know her baby loves her
And her memory will always stand

Although it hurts to be alive
Happy Mother’s Day, from daughter number five

Meggie Gultiano 04 October 2007

I cant contain my tears to fall.. we do have the same pain..but i know, everything has it's purpose and a reason.. hugs, Meggie

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Lee Degnan 22 May 2007

Beautiful job, Rori... can't say anything else right now... Cel pretty much covered it :) Love ya sis, Lee

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Cecelia Warner 22 May 2007

Rory, That was so beautiful...and thanks for returning the tears. BTW, you ARE a wonderful daughter! ! ! I ought to know... Mom did say that I was your mom too ;) . As for her paying for any sin you may have committed, forget it! We all have sinned BUT Mom isn't paying for it. Know this right now if you don't already, Mom loved you soooo much! You will always be her (our) baby. Love ya sis/daughter, Cecelia P.S. Being that I watched you and Lee since as far as I can remember (not counting the Fibrofog) ...I can be considered Mom on her behalf. That is what she said. Love ya!

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