Sweet Sister Poem by Aurora Wells

Sweet Sister

Rating: 5.0

Sweet sister dear
Remember those years
We cried together,
Dropped many tears

Saw the fights,
Were afraid of lights,
The bottles lined up
And the pills in our sights

Now we are older
More lives at stake
Not just our own anymore
Our kids’ care we take

All the tears we have now
The powerless feelings grown
All the damage our family did
In our adulthood now shown

Please sister dear
Don’t cry anymore
I will dry your tears
As you have done with me before

Remember I love you and I am here
Remember with us as a pair there is no more fear.

Lee Degnan 16 December 2006

Oh DAMMIT! ! ! Freakin' made me cry! ! ! I love you too, you are my heart. You are the one that always knew me the best. Love ya. Lee

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Meggie Gultiano 04 October 2007

A beautiful and loving poem only a loving sister can do..I love this.. hugs, Meggie

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Cecelia Warner 14 June 2007

Aunt Aurora, That was a beautiful poem. I hope you put more up soon. I love and miss you, Uncle Keith, and the kids. I hope to see you all soon. Give everyone a hug and kiss for me. Hugs and kisses to you too. Love, Shannah Banana

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Alison Smith 26 January 2007

The strength gained from a sisters love can never be denied.... Strength to you both... Alison

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Keith Wells 07 January 2007

Wow Hun... You have alot of power in your poems.... I love to read your work.... I hope you stay inspired and continue to bring joy to everyone who enjoys your poems as much as I do. Lot of love Keith

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Roger Bowman 17 December 2006

I have to agree with Doc.Im really lucky to have Lee as a good friend here in poemhunter.She is a wonderful person. Lots of love Roger

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