A Conversation With The Devil Poem by Paula Glynn

A Conversation With The Devil

He walked into my bedroom
To tell me the truth
The actions of the next day
He being the devil himself
Where he foretold a life of wealth
The years to pass by in succession
Words and deeds
Others to force upon me
Others to control
And decide for me
My personal power lost
From young teenage life
And childhood innocence

The devil knew my crimes
Told me the fallback
Others to jeer and call back
Cupcakes and cashmere a curse
Temptation of money, jewels and silks
To cause jealousy
That colour green
All too often seen
And my soul candy blue
With a strange twilight
A strange trick of the light

The devil saw my soul
Knew I had suffered
Many years of agony
A life born of frustration
And a life spent alone
Rain clouds falling on me
Leaving me soaked
And cold in the bitter wind
That blows around my hair
Tears running down my face
Mascara streaming down
From these sad eyes
And smile disappearing

My body hurt
The coldness I see
In the place of work
And the future foretold
Is here today
As I bruise like a ragdoll.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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