A Crafty Babe Poem by sylvia spencer

A Crafty Babe

Rating: 5.0

Mummy loved me once and held me to her breast
It was soft and warm as my tiny head buried itself
into her vest. Her nipple was soft and her milk was
supreme, but all that is gone or was it part of a dream.
Three months I suckled her warm soft milk, that went
down my throat like the texture of silk. Now I am lost
and that feeling is no more, because Mummy put me
on the bottle which I find such a bore. I have to suck on
a thing which is called a teat, and that to me is like suckling
my Fathers feet. Mummy said it was only for a test
but it's been six whole weeks since I even saw her breast.
I cry at night, but she never understands she just cradles
me and strokes me with her hands.Then in goes the bottle
and I start to spit, surly she must know I want the tit.
Then daddy starts to shout and causes a riot,
I have now got the tit so I'll be quite. My mummy
has to do this time and time again, because the
milk from the bottle never taste the same. It's rich
and thick and always makes me sick and if every
baby was put to the test, I am sure they would know
what milk is the best.

Ernestine Northover 12 September 2006

What a wonderful mind you have for getting all the details down Sylvia. Amazing information stored away for future reference I reckon. Unusual subject but very well produced. Love Ernestine XXX

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Nalini Hebbar 08 September 2006

i liked this poem very very much...breast feeding is best to nothing for a baby...you have said thru a bottle fed mouth...love...nalini

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Sandra Fowler 07 September 2006

Dear Sylvia, your rich imagination never ceases to delight me. This poem is priceless. I love every line of it. Take care. Always your sister and friend, Sandra

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Duncan Wyllie 07 September 2006

This is so good Sylvia. laughing all the way, you tell them so well Love duncan X

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