A Crow's Way Of Life Poem by lalitha iyer

A Crow's Way Of Life

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Crow of all the birds
the master tutor of
the biggest University
teaches how to share
how to care the loved one
and feed the yound one
architect of breeding homes
on teaching the young one
how to fly
teaches us how to teach
our own kids
wakes up
before we lazy dogs wake up
disciplined self styled
no inferiority
of colours it feels
happily begins the day
memory sharp
same time same place you feed
and it waits for you
known survivor of worst times
very competitive
for every grain
it sweats with focussed flights
a lot left
yet, it is the best socialist symbol......

Vidyadhar Durgekar 12 May 2009

Beautifully told in apt words....how to care the loved one

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Akram Awadat 13 May 2009

very nice lines, deep meaning and well done

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C. P. Sharma 14 May 2009

Crow is generally source of scare but you have highlighted its positive qualities. A unique poem. CP

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Roopa Menon 15 May 2009

nicely written poem. congrats

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Eyan Desir 15 May 2009

Very nice this one was a pleasure to read

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Madhabi Banerjee 04 July 2017

very nice. very intelligent watching a bird that reflect our life

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As human beings have to learn much from the crow and its various tricks it is a nice subject for poets. This poem also taken the subject in its seriousness and minutest points and it became a good poem.

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Raj Arumugam 10 June 2009

a masterly poem on the Crow; the poem's insight into life and what we can learn from the crow is just brilliant

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Lady Grace 01 June 2009

this is a beautiful poem.. birds are useful in our lives..they are like human..grace

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Marieta Maglas 22 May 2009

''architect of breeding homes '' a wonderful metaphor.Beautiful poem.keep writing.10++

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