A Nudge From The Wind Poem by Manonton Dalan

A Nudge From The Wind

Rating: 4.0

funneling rain by my window
knocks on my door i don't know
open curtain to watch the palms
they are still whatever comes
wipe off stain printed on glass
soothing feeling came in a rush

sailboat keel touching bottom
wind is kind, run out of room
broadside splash spin to sea
little push; will sail the bay
where seagulls glide and laugh
watchful eyes on passing raft

colorful sails resisting wind
its struggle too much to gain
too much will surely break mast
cast in; this journey will last
ooh! i forgot my fishing pole
cheers, you got your wish, whole

Pied Piper Berry 22 August 2008

I read joy, lightheartedness, and and expression of freedom into this poem. A good read. :)

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Pacific Hernandez 01 November 2008

A good poem. I like the rhyme. a 10 for this.

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Stacey Watts 28 October 2008

Very well written piece. I enjoyed it.

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Callie Carroll 15 September 2008

A light and playful poem. I enjoyed it.

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Susan Jarvis 28 August 2008

Your poem is a linguistic painting of a magical landscape - a little ray of sunshine to light the day. S :)

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Edith Oram 24 August 2008

Visual and lighthearted, I like this poem, well done.

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Manonton Dalan

Manonton Dalan

virginia, usa
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