A Double Bed Poem by Ben Gieske

A Double Bed

Rating: 3.1

All made up
sheets fresh
Quilted spread
fluffy pillows
Love is like that
at times
Dreamy pieces
fresh and
all made up
being slept in
Slipping in between
warmth and
smooth embraces
Sowing seeds
of dreams
Dirtying the sheets
fluffing pillows
Love goes on -- doubly made.

Duncan Wyllie 14 June 2008

We have alot of fun along the way though yes? This is soft by nature and all so true All the best Love duncan X

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Robert Howard 24 June 2008

I find this very homey somehow. Double beds were meant for two at their most vulnerable best.

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Tanya Stanford 26 August 2008

Brilliant comparison

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Irene Clark-hogg 02 August 2009

A nice piece of prose and a delightful thought. Irene

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Lillian Thomas 18 May 2009

wow, great contrasts, great imagery. 'Slipping in between warmth and smooth embraces Sowing seeds of dreams Dirtying the sheets' This poem is wonderfully observant of human nature. It reminds us how love is much neater, more perfect when it is still in our imaginations: romantic; and the more real it becomes, messier for sure, but more human, and deeper.

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Carol Gall 14 May 2009

very dreamy and beautiful

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 13 April 2009

A double bed..............two bodies and single soul.............Good Write............

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Anjali Sinha 13 January 2009

yeh a beutiful compostion indeed. Every night sleeping on my queen size bed but never given a serious thought just taken it for granted. -10 anjali

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