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Joys Of Life.....

Smiling farmer see his green harvest,
Fluting cowboy under the old tree,
Excited boy flying kite in the blue,
Marigold in the chignon of village bride,

A Prostitute....

She is a mother,
She has loves,
She has dreams,
She is creative,


Every sphere of our life,
We try to keep balance,
When there is an imbalance,
There is a disaster,

Alas Palestine!

Till now,
They haven't seen this naked world,
They haven't known the human greed,
They haven't learnt the mystery of life and death,

War And Child....(02)

She was only one year old,
Her mother was singing a lullaby.
At that night, there was silence,
Which was broken by sudden bullets,

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Rup Pokharel 07 August 2009

KAFIL I read your poem Letter from...... Congra. for the fine art. U have given justice to those heros fighting for their land elsewhere. Great! ! Could you please go thro' once to my poem 'FOR THE UNBORN'

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Kimberly Mccreary 06 August 2009

This was an awesome poem!

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I am now a student of a private medical college. I start my writting since my childhood, when I was in class 2. I like songs, all kinds of songs. I also write song, dramas, stories. actually literature is in my blood.These are all about me for now.

kafil uddin raihan. Popularity