Address Of A New Poetess To All Poets Here Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

Address Of A New Poetess To All Poets Here

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As I open my partner this site I see
And closing it too, this site I live
In my mind and my heart I smiled gently
Jessie, at last the search you see.

I joined and left some sites I register
Thought it's nice I registered as a member
Poetry and friendship I want to share
But in the end discrimination reigns.

Ratings and comments really boost morale
Spirits rises get inspired and poetic as I
Creative and imaginative minds do survive
Knowledge, talents hidden or not described.

Surfing the web for my compositions
A poet friend introduced this portion
Sharing in my heart I thought I found
Comments and ratings not in my mind.

They are good if one needs a push
It is a flavor that a creative may savor
But to the competitors it's not a favor
Bet, surely come and show real color.

As I read and commented to a poem
Reading the history of her comments
Rise both my brows I was surprised,
Here too, a competition trouble arise?

Where on web can I join and may find
A place where no feuds and race arise?
Or can we just let that comments be
A guide for better and competition free?

~ Jon London ~ 21 August 2009

A very honest piece Jessie my friend...I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to PH...and I hope that you continue to bless us with the natural flowing expression of your heart through poetry....WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Great poem

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David Bailey 18 August 2009

as one can see competition is feirce but i ofer words of encourgement the poem was true and moving to great writing my dear

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 18 August 2009

It happens everywhere in the world my dear.It happens here too, but you can bet on me.I see mankind equally! I see you as my sister too.Good job Jessie.

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Daniel Wheeler 18 August 2009

very good writing friend. yes i called you friend, because all people who search to make the world better are my friend. keep it up trying to reform the poetic world.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 17 August 2009

Jessie, I think u have done a good thing joining PH. Competition is good for your art. It hones up your talents. But we can always brush aside ill comments and ridiculous remarks. But they are part of life. Carry on writing good poetry. I see you have lot of punch in your writings and a tender way of expressing. Good Luck friend.

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